ERPNext Offline POS

Hi, I’m planning to use ERPNext POS but I need to know how many invoices could I save as offline when the system is not connected to the Internet.


There is no limit on that. But probably not 1 trillion. Cheers

i have a big problem here as i have nearly 200 offline invoice stucking at the cache for more than 2 days now and i cleared my browser cookies and search history but i kept the cache file but when i made that i lost all my offline invoices !!! so how i can recover them now or how to prevent this from happening again ? and why they stucked ?

I think technically the limit is based on the browser itself as seen here HTML5 Local Storage Revisited - SitePoint so you can use the Developer Tools to check how big a single Invoice is in bytes and get a rough estimate.

Ideally a POS User should Sync Offline Invoices at end of each logged session.