ERPNext on ARM aarch64

Hello, looks like the full stack to run Frappe/ERPNext on ARM servers in available:

  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • MariaDB
  • Redis

And the install inscript looks like suport ARM 64.

Does any one have installed Frappe ERP/Next on a ARM VPS?

I am looking at AWS Graviton (Graviton de AWS – Amazon Web Services) or Oracle Ampere A1 (Ampere A1 Compute | Oracle).

You can build and use arm64 images for docker

I was used this script.
System Oracal A1 ARM Ubuntu 18.04.

any Suggestion.

I want install ERPNext on ARM Based architecture. Have Any Script?

check this if it helps

Hi, try this and see if this helps you install it on arm64:

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