ERPNext on Canonical Multipass

As I went to Canonical to obtain an image for a VirtualBox VM dev box, I stumbled upon the Multipass tool.

I managed to get an instance of ERPNext running on Canonical Multipass today.

Step 1:
Get multipass on your MAC, Windows or linux machine

Step 2:
Find the instance you want,

multipass find

You get:
Image Aliases Version Description
16.04 xenial 20200430 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Step 3
Launch an instance:

multipass launch 18.04 -c 2 -m 2G -d 12G -n erpnext-dev

Or if you prefer
multipass launch 16.04 -c 2 -m 2G -d 12G -n erpnext-dev

Adjust the cpu, memory or disk size accordingly.
More info here

Worthy of note: the instance will obtain a network compatible IPv4 address, which you can directly access from your browser. Just run ifconfig to obtain the IP address assigned to the Multipass instance.
Step 4:
Shell into the instance

multipass shell erpnext-dev

Step 5
Install as usual.
I suggest that you use python 2.7 to run the install script! Do not use python3 for installation.

In my case, with the user ubuntu active in the /home/ubuntu directory, I downloaded the installation script from:


And then, as the sudo user (not root!) I ran

`sudo -H python --production --user ubuntu``

It gave me this prompt:

sudo -H python --production --user ubuntu
It is recommended to run this script with Python 3
Do you still wish to continue? [Y/n]: Y

I answered yes, assigned the mariaDB and ERPNext Administrator passwords, and soon had an instance running locally without much fuss. Really fast too.


Thanks for the amazing guide. I Followed it and successfully installed it on my local windows machine but I am unable to access the instance through localhost. Can you help with it?