ERPNext on DigitalOcean alongside ServerPilot?

Has anyone been able to install ERPNext on a DigitalOcean ( ) droplet alongside ServerPilot ( ) without it breaking the ServerPilot setup? Or is there a PHP version or wrapper available for running ERPNext as a ServerPIlot app?

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Out of curiosity, why do you want to use ServerPilot? For central management?

ServerPilot works great for Wordpress and the likes, but for something like ERPNext you might want to use Nagios or something similar.

I want to raise voice again of David. Is this possible to install ERPNext along ?

Yeah, I use Serverpilot to manage my wordpress websites. If I isntall ERPNext, I think it will broke them, if not than I have to either change Server Conf File configuration to access erpnext via CNAME. Everything is messed up, Don;t know what to do. Either should purchase another server or configure over along ServerPiolot. Anybody here ?

Best to run on your own server unless you want to hand code your nginx configs to make sure they work for both.

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