Erpnext on iexplore errors

This is what happens on version Frappe 8.0.32 and ERPNext v8.0.21 when loading IEXPLORER

This looks like an older version of IE.

Maybe there needs to be a documented browser support policy for ERPNext like Google has (Supported browsers for Google Workspace - Google Workspace Admin Help)

Attached the version I am using … just because is easier to debug on it.

Why use IE? Why not Chrome, Firefox, etc.?

@johnskywalker on clients sometimes is difficult but this is for me as on IE I can see the source code before the bug while the others only after the bug…

Hi sorry can’t understand what you mean. I think there is a new browser for windows, its called Edge

@johnskywalker gives the same error I have tried…

For what its worth, a lot of companies still rely on IE for a number of reasons. I do realize that there are other browser options out there and even MS has created a new browser, but they are still supporting IE and will be releasing v12 not too long from now. While is does add complexity, if ERPNext and the Frappe framework use industry standard HTML5 then a lot of issues with browser compatibility go away. I don’t know enough about how the underlying framework produces HTML code to the browser, but on the surface it seems reasonable. I actually created a git issue in the frappe repo about this and was told that the team is working on refactoring something to support more browsers. ERPNext should support pretty much any modern/current browser. Older browser support should not be a consideration, the answer there is simply upgrade your browser.

For ERPNext to continue to grow, it needs to support pretty much any browser.

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Hi I do believe that ERPNext should support most browsers. But can you cite reasons why these companies still use IE? Just curios.

There are a number of reasons:

  1. A good deal of legacy apps in use may require IE. Older companies especially have this issue. So even if they are modernizing their ERP platform to ERPNext, the “comfortable” browser for these employees will stay IE. Why swap browsers around when most of what you need to do your job is in one browser?
  2. Linked to the first item, some people just like the browser they like. I know a number of people that starting using IE way back in the day and just like it because it is comfortable. You would be surprised at the number of folks that just don’t like change and will go with what they are used to. Change is scary to a lot of folks.
  3. IE is a viable browser! Just because it has been around for a long time has had its known issues with security vulnerabilities and such it is still a good browser. I use it because it not bloated! Chrome is getting very bloated. A browser should not consume almost a gig of memory on my laptop. FF and IE are keeping it lean and I like that.
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So, people are scared of change … they migrate an entire ERP platform, but not a single browser?

Anyways, as a project leader you must evaluate,

  1. Optimize an entire ERP system to Internet Explorer
  2. Change a single browser.

Specially because Internet Explorer Integration is not even a lower priority goal in ERPNext, and could take several time to accomplish that.

The IT department is the one that moves ERP platform. The general users in a company rarely, if ever are the ones making that call (except for the leaders who are paying for it). IT folks and techies in generally are not the issue, its the general population.

And for the record - I have no issues with IE. It is a great simple browser that gets the job done when needed without the bloat.

In the end its up to the frappe team to figure out what browsers they want to support. I personally have a much better user experience in FF that Chrome. ERPNext in Chrome behaves very strangely. I get a great consistent experience in FF. I used to get that in IE as well until v8 broke it.


I agree with @James_Robertson. We are a very small company using ERPNext mainly to manage the core business flow. Our accounts are managed by a third party, which has a strict policy about users installing their own software. Their standard browser is IE - they cannot now log-in to ERPNext to get the information they need, which undermines the whole point of having a central database!

There’s no point in saying that users should move to Chrome or Firefox - users will use whichever browser they like or whichever they are forced to use. ERPNext needs to continue to support IE otherwise it is significantly limiting its market.