ERPNExt on Installatron


I have noticed that ERPNExt is available on Installatron.

We currently have ERPNext cloud and take regular backups, but if things went drastically wrong with ERPNExt I would not have a clue how to use that backup on our own installation. We origianlly used a local version of virtualbox but that seemed to stop working after version 12 and it was painfully slow for some reason. So not suitable

Now, I am not at all good with Server systems. I have looked at installing ERP on our own server but aways bottled out because of it’s complexity.

We have a VPS congigured with WHM / Cpanel / Centos so ther server already has domains installed (on ours) I am am wondering if I could use installatron to install ERP alongside those as a backup

Has anyone used it?
If I installed in instance of ERPNExt using installatron on a subdomain in cpanel, would installatron be able to keep the two very different server system seperate? I can’t risk it upsetting the other software we have installed

If it worked would I be able to restore the backup that we use from ERPNExt cloud

All thoughts welcome - basically jsut looking for a cheap (free) way to esnure the backups work and that if push comes to shove we have somewhere to go if ERPNExt ever disappears

Ah, no.
On re-reading it is their install in a cloud version. So can’t be installed via cpanel

Ah well. back to square 1