ERPNext on local host website (WD cloud ex4)

hello all
thanks for all the useful replays on my previous post

now i have in my office 2 computers with win7 connected to WD ex4 cloud storage
its come with an apps such wordpress and phpmyadmin so i can run a local website in my office
can i also integrate ERPnext in my local cloud so me and my partner work as a network if yes how i can start it
please note that now am useing ERPnext on oracle VM and my partner cant open it in the network

thank you all

If I understand you correctly, what you asking is installing VM in machine-A and then access that VM hosted ERPNext in another machine-B,C,D, etc…

If you are on LAN then on machine-B,C,D you need to go to browser & instead of 'localhost:8080", you need to put “IP address of machine-A:8080”

If you have a static IP for machine-A, then same way as above “static IP of machine-A:8080” you could access it anywhere on the internet.


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will now thanks to you i solve half of the issue
what i want to know also that can i integrate with my local website through wordpress or phpmyadmin so i can after i get all the elements in need in the website ill go from local hosting to online and official domain

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question completely.

If you asking to build your website on ERPNext website in replacement to WP or other CMS, I think Yes it is very much possible. You should check out list of website built on ERPNext module.

Even if you decide to continue website on other CMS, you can host ERPNext instance on subdomain of your existing domain name, via self hosting and enjoy all other great features of ERPNext, like accounts, to do and task management, project tracking and some other.