ERPNext on OpenVZ VPS Boxes

Hi, there.
After a good deal of time working around Easy Install on VPS Boxes, I’ve realized that OpenVZ does not support the Easy Install script. I have not tried uploading a VM, nor the Manual Install Procedures.
In the KVM based VPS box I’ve tried it, it ran smoothly.

I am more posting as a finding that might relieve some coleagues that are strugling to put it to work. They might have on this a way out and a good sleep.

Best regards to this community.

fernando a. bender

Hi Fernando.
I am seeking advice regarding installing erpnext on ispconfig as through a openVZ image. Did you manage to get this working?

Best regards, Anders

Hi there!

i moved to a kvm slice.
it might work, it depends what are the compiled modules in the kernel.
you cannot know in advance.
openvz does not accept kernel patches. so it depends on which modules they
rely on.
in kvm it works smoothly.
even if your installation works on openvz, you might not know which bugs
will come up out of it in the future.
i suggest you to move to a kvm vps.
also, i suggest you to install it directy not through such control panels.
it is important to have the control over the process and such tools are not
good work!
let me know if i can help you in anything.
best regards.
fernando a. bender