ERPNext on Ubuntu 14.04

Thanks for the reply.

Any of the posts appear to be setting up the outgoing server once they are inside ERPNext - is this the case?

Yes, I did see the first id created is the admin id, but I couldnt receive the email to activate the account to login.

Yes, outgoing mail server will have to be set up from inside the application.

What I can suggest here is:

1. Login with the administrator account: id - administrator, password - has been set during the setup.

  1. Once logged in, search for ‘Outgoing Email Server Settings’. You can set it up here.

  2. With administrator account, you can also set the password of your newly created account. Search for ‘User List’ and select your created account.

- Omkar

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OK, thanks all for you your help.

On first login, I should have entered the userid “Administrator” along with the password that was displayed following the install process. Perhaps added to the easy install instructions, you can add in the part about the userid - hopefully the rest of your users are a little sharper than I am!! : )

Now I can login and enter the outgoing server, and all the required info.

Thanks again

Thanks for the feedback!!
Will add it the script.