ERPNext on windows

Dear all,
We want to attract more developer for frappe framework and erpnext.
To do this we need to guide how to install frappe or erpnext on windows.
Since Python is the programming language and windows user can eaasily get it installing,mysql)

We hope tech team will guide us or will take necessary steps

You can try using Vagrant for developing on Windows.

We did not get Vagrant to run under windows so far. @anand is currently looking into this I think. This is very important going forward, providing an “application server” so to speak in Vagrant and then using Atom and Git as the development IDE or any other combination.

I posted a replay to the windows saga on another discussion but I’ll also repeat it here:

Yes I agree, making this available on a windows platform solves a lot of problems such as running slow on a laptop in VM. Also doing any enhancements/modifications for ERPNext becomes a problem. I was looking to doing modifications to ERPNext for a specific market segment (other than ERP). But the target audience doesn’t have the technical sophistication to deal with VM on a windows machine or a Linux box. Sure could run it as a hosted solution but that would defeat what I’m trying to do.

Also I would guess making it available on a windows machine would make the product more marketable.

if you are talking about a development environment I might not speak against this all too much. When it comes to a production deployment I think it would be close to fatal to spread focus of a small development team/community in order to support other non-unix platforms

Maybe if at any time a docker environment will be up and running you could deploy that on a windows server as well (I wouldn’t know whether such would be an ideal setup but whether that comforts a windows favorable clientele which can not be addresses otherwise… so be it)

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For me I would love a Windows dev environment cause im coming from that space - but slowly learning my way around ubuntu so soon I dont think windows will be nessasry.

When it comes to production, I dont think windows is an option or should be. ERPNext runs just fine the way its doing now and I dont think it will gain more traction if its windows based. Customer dont need to know how to install ERPNext if they opt for the hosted solution that the team provides. So I think to gain a larger developer community then maybe windows dev option is something to consider - but I would rather put in time and effort in making erpnext better then trying to get windows developers like me on board…

Hey im already on board with this product, just need to learn some more linux :wink:

just my 2 cent…


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