ERPNext Opportunity (Community) Telegram Group

Dear All,

I am a member of a Telegram Group called ERPNext Opportunity. It is a nice group however the admin is a bit “strict” to mildly put it and doesn’t take feedback. Its always “his way or the highway”. Doesn’t feel like really communal.

Therefore I have created a new Telegram Channel. The rules are simple.

  1. Help each other with opportunities.
  2. Ask questions about opportunities.
  3. Introduce yourself (yes we live in digital world, but it is nice to be human)
  4. If you are getting annoyed by it, mute the notifications.
  5. Behave like a grown up, because you are.
  6. We will really do minimum admin.
  7. Don’t spam the group. That is strictly forbidden
  8. Don’t harass anyone. Also not welcome.
  9. DM people if they asked to be DMed.

I guess, the rest we will figure it out ourselves.! :slight_smile:

I will announce a few admins as we go along, so we can contribute and make it better.



Where is the new group link?


Same here

I had to exit the group because of the truly arrogant attitude of the “admin”.

The idea behind it is very sound and I will be joining this new group.


Hi, I got this message and joined in the new channel. I can be a good member with no highway, midway or narrow way rules :slight_smile:

Why its a channel with one sided? make a two way communication.


Hahahahaha. Good one @Not_a_countant

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What do you mean by one sided? I think everyone can post no?

Ok looks like I should have created a “group”. Not a “channel”. I will do that :slight_smile:

@Not_a_countant, see the group, I have created one once u joined I can make u as admin

Members see this group and join, its public only.

Telegram: Contact @erpnext_opps

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Thank you. I joined here. Let me know if you make me the admin! Cheers

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Hello @Not_a_countant, add me in the group, I’ve tried to open a link but couldn’t make it.
My number is +255713483590

This is the link. Should work! What is the error you are getting?

See the attached error message, it’s even opening

It’s working.

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