memberships broken?

Hi Rushabh,

Can I start by congratulating you on your project. The more I learn of ERPNext, the more I like the ethics and architecture. I look forward to promoting it in the UK over the coming years and sorting out integration with HMRC.

However, I have twice recently tried to join as a member on the Foundation website to try to give back, but the memberships process appears to be broken. I get the attached error. I once managed to persuade it to get through to Razorpay (by modifying javascript), but it wouldn’t let me pay with a UK credit card, so I assume I need to pay in USD, which is significantly more expensive than INR?

Please could you let me know whether the memberships page is supposed to be live, and if the problems are being worked on?

Many thanks!


Thanks for reporting this - this PR perhaps relates to what you have encountered fix: Disable membership by surajshetty3416 · Pull Request #471 · erpnext/foundation · GitHub

Thanks, I didn’t realise the foundation website also had a repo.

Presumably then memberships are being withdrawn? The PR hasn’t been merged and isn’t live even though the PR is from 31 Jan 20