Other Service Provider listing versus Individual Membership question?

This is a Foundation question perhaps:

I finally got around to adding myself here

to the Profile section as a Service Provider but no sign of my listing!?

Does this still work so I can still list (no charge) as an Other Service Provider?

I promise to become an Individual Member when I secure a nice gig thanks…


Thanks for your interest.
No charges for Service Provider listing. Please check

Hope you will become ERPNext Foundation Member soon.


Thanks very much Prakash.

To be sure my goal is to become Member asap!

Hello again Prakash.

Excuse me but I tried to add my website url to the listing, but I found the Profile section has no apparent means to add or specify a Website or Address - both fields are displayed in the actual listing but are absent in the edit mode listing!?

Is this a bug or is there a workaround means for me to specify this? My website url is -.I am ok with no Address.

Thank you, John