Website Discussion

@hereabdulla, @kolate_sambhaji

Plan to move landing page of ERPNext to instead of

Foundation Website will have sections for domains, each domain section will have : (points to discuss)

  • Domain Features, Screenshots, Description
  • List of volunteers? should we add details on website?
  • Communication channels - Forum url for category, gitter, voip etc. will also have links for Self-hosting | Demo | discuss | download | Tools (charts, datatable, other frappe projects)


Foundation Website will send a message, that ERPNext is a community driven project headed by a non-profit foundation.

@rmehta @raghukamath any suggestions?


Hello Revant,

Thanks for taking this.

I am active on foundation github repository. Also for above requirement, I will send pull request.

I need access on Issues · erpnext/foundation · GitHub for issues edit and tagging.


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As soon as I get permission to github organisation “erpnext” I’ll create a Volunteers Team, Forum Post to list team members and add volunteers there.