Website Theme

Hello All,

I am pretty new to ERPNext. The standard website theme is plain and simple, but I have found it lacks much of the styling can be found on other Frappe sites such as and I am wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some guidance on implementing.


hi @maxvogel,

you can check this out.


You ca use Frappe themes for your websites

is frappe_theme an app for frappe?

on a local v11 instance I tried to

cd frappe-bench
bench get-app
bench --site mysite.local install-app frappe_theme

which goes through fine as any other installation of an app.

Just after having done that (plus a bench restart) I am getting an “Internal Server Error” in the browser

After restarting the server I first see the “Sorry, We’'ll be back soon” before the “Internal Server Error”

browser console says Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)