ERPNext Overtime Process

Hello Everyone ,
I’d like to know how ERPNext handles Overtime payment/Overtime Application at the moment, is overtime handled solely as timesheet based salary structure component ? or can it be integrated into the normal structure and still make use of timesheets, To rephrase my question how possible is it to make use of a timesheet on salary slip with a non-timesheet based salary structure?

Any assistance will be appreciated

One option is to calculate overtime through time sheet and then add the amount through additional salary before payroll processing.

I remember reading on the forum about @dominik and rmehta had decided to go with a separate attendance in-out system. Not sure about it’s development status.

Hello everyone,

you’ll find that the “separate attendance in-out system” mentioned by @LifeP has been implemented and works.

Overtime is apparently solved via Time Sheets which are used by Payroll. I am now starting to look into that. Maybe some one has already made some progress there?


I Built a separate doctype for this, the use case needed a bunch of approvals before and after the overtime has been executed, I integrated timesheet creation when my custom doctype is submitted.

Please a link we have a look at this, i’m in need of this solution

I created a new doctype in a custom app to get the required approvals, I hooked the submission of the custom doctype and created additional salary for overtime component so it reflects in the salary slip.

I hope this helps

Refer to this Create Payroll Entry with Timesheets

maybe this might help you guys: GitHub - phamos-eu/HR-Addon: HR Add-on for ERPNext

also available on frappecloud marketplace in case you are hosting on frappecloud