ERPNext Paypal Supported Currencies

Trying to use ERPNext website and Paypal integration - however find out that ERPNext Paypal integration does NOT list support for ALL the currencies supported by Paypal.

Is this a documentation issue? Does the integration support all currencies supported by Paypal international developer / business accounts?


If you mean to say some currencies are missing in ERPNext then you can possibly add them in the currency master

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@Pawan - thanks for your reply. I am looking at the currencies supported in the ERPNExt documentation link here :

Paypal international business account supports payments in many more currencies than listed in ERPNext. Is our integration with Paypal India or with the Paypal global business account??? I noticed our documentation shows images that required a PAN card. Or perhaps this is a documentation update issue?

The reason to also ask is our integration requires a username, password and signature. Those are requirements now of Paypal for sandbox testing only - the live credentials have a client id and secret. Further even the sandbox credentials I created (for business account outside India) were not accepted by ERP (invalid error). So wondering if we somehow have a limited / outdated paypal integration???

I think the below link will answer your query

Yes - thanks - I understood that the balance currency is different than the payment currency - so you can only hold balances in those currencies - but can accept payments in numerous currencies - which then get converted to your balance currency. In erp terms that should translate to a conversion journal entry in addition to accepting payment in shopping cart currency… since thats not programmed in erp - erp restricts transactions to only in balance holding currency?

Any idea why does paypal business account - show different credentials requirements than what is setup in erpnext? its asking for client id and secret and erpnext is setup for username, pwd and signature…