ERPNext persistent Installation Issues

It still failed, also I noticed another failure I have seen sometimes which I forgot to mention, inability to get wkhtmltopdf, now this makes sense; as it may be a resolution issue, as some or most can successfully get this downloaded. Now I will attempt to install wkhtmltopdf and run this again.


Currently installing wkhtmltopdf

I have to cd because the is in the user’s folder, it’s just another pattern, if it fails again; I will get the script to the root folder and run again.

So, wkhtmltopdf failed, I am beginning to think this is the main issue and will not affect everybody else! dependencies for wkhtmltopdf are on a server with high latency and tend to fail, terminating the installation. Will try to fix dependencies now…

Which VM are you using? VirtualBox?

Yes, Virtualbox…

Okay i will set up an instance and try my hands on it.

Ok, so now the setup fails while getting the erpnext app, so after installing wkhtmtopdf it passed on, apparently, this --become-user=user appears to be kind of generic, being the exit point of a successful install so any errors that terminate the script also push this error.

So it appears that the main issue may be some ISP level connectivity problem, ie its a timeout, if you look at the attachments, the remote end hung up, rpc calls fail, so this may be a timeout issue; with this, this may not be a general problem, but to improve the experience; I will suggest strongly that these lines be added to the install process:

sudo apt-get install xvfb libfontconfig wkhtmltopdf
regarding the wkhtmltopdf error which is a very frequent occurrence during installs.

I will go ahead and give this another run… with a different internet connection

Oh well, same thing. Cannot get erpnext app and also terminates with same error. @flexy2ky Have you tried this? I want to conclude its an internet issue where certain resources are slow to download and timeout.

Virtualbox is giving me plenty issues on windows. Cannot get it to load 64bit processor. i’m trying to load it on my mac now.

Wait, at what point do you observe you can’t load 64bit? on creating a new virtual machine?

Yes. Virtualbox is telling me my host machine cannot handle 64-bit kernel whereas both my Processor and OS are 64-bit

O I see… and intelVTx is enabled in bios right? on the Windows machine…

Yes. Tried to troubleshoot but no progress. But i just determined that it was the machine after all. It’s installing on another windows machine now

ok great! Also if you succeed? and you’re currently local, let me know what connection you used… because asides the wkhtm issue there is obviously some issues with internet name resolution

Also noticed in the error, something to do with version issues, installing that now…


I successfully installed on VirtualBox:

Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 1.32.15 PM

Installation was done on Ubuntu 16.04

Here are the steps I followed after installing the OS:

  1. Create user: adduser [username]
  2. Add created user to sudoers: usermod -aG sudo [username]
  3. Install setup tools: apt-get install build-essential python-setuptools Notice that I skipped installing python minimal
  4. Download playbook: wget
  5. Run production script: python --production --user [username]

NOTE: Every single command was run using root user. I did not switch user for any reason or cd to any directory. You can also notice this from my ssh terminal screenshot.

Try again following these steps and let me know if you still face issues.

What was the source of your inspiratin to NOT install the python minimal?


I’m convinced I have a connectivity issue, although not today, but I have tried this method, it’s basically straightforward. Just use root, which em, in my stubbornness I have used to install the system numerous times over the years.

All I summarize when I view the errors is that certain packages don’t get downloaded.

But… I will give it a run again. Trust me, I have tried all mixtures hahaha. I even have 3 users created currently using them to try different ways, so… I’m concluding I may just reset my tcp/ip stack on Windows, maybe something is mentally unstable there.


It was just a way to eliminate any conflict between a pre-installed python2 and failed check for a python installation.


You are right about it being a connection issue. I tried running fresh installs again with a pretty slow network and faced the same download error with wkhtmltopdf. It failed several times until the network became stable again and the install went through without a hitch.

In fact, this morning I can’t access , then I notice while doing normal browsing, some pages may show a connection reset for a few seconds an browser successfully reloads the page. So some instability there.

So maybe anyone having this problem may want to look at connectivity issues, apparently at ISP level, due to the various sources of these packages some are on slower or more distant servers, throttled servers with low resource Etc.

It’s good that the production VM download exists, VMs are our preferred option due to the fact that we deal with mainly retailers… So mainly on-site installs, sometimes; ins small shops; on a machine that is also used for other purposes by Windows-only users. Also, We are running VMs for easier management and disaster recovery, you can imagine trying to reinstall an Ubuntu machine, install Erpnext and restore a database; to get a business running, that may be totally off any acceptable Recovery Time Objective, customers may be waiting… Also it’s easy to test upgrades/updates with an image, quickly recover from ‘internal server error’ when something fails on the live update… so the VMs are quicker to recover with, quicker to also just backup and have a full ready image, imported by a simple double click, If host is dead; a maturing business can even have another lower staging server with a hypervisor already installed as part of the recovery plan, plug in the backup drive and double click the image, plug in network cable …worst case you work on normalizing balances and all that. VMs are one of the best inventions😬