ERPNext Point-of-Sale, Customer Portal, Better Accounting of Inventory and Reseller Program

Hello everyone,

It has been more than 2 months since our last major release. After the release of the new User Interface, we have had a substantial increase in Trials, Forum activity and most remarkably, a boost in adoption by Open Source users. Many have migrated to websites generated from ERPNext.

This time, we are introducing:

  1. Point-of-Sale
    This will be a boon to retail users, as well as anyone wanting to create invoices quickly. Read further at

  2. Customer Portal
    Empower your customers by giving them access to their order history. Read further at

  3. Accounting of Inventory
    Our first attempt at implementing Auto/Perpetual accounting of inventory wasn't perfect. It was still necessary to create adjustment entries at the end of a period. Also, there was no separation between Fixed and Current Asset values. We have redesigned the system so that inventory value and their corresponding account balance remain in sync.

    Read further at:

    Existing Users: Accounting of Inventory will get deactivated. You need to follow these steps to migrate to the new system:

    This feature will be released on Tuesday, 24th September, 2013.

  4. Reseller Program
    Buy ERPNext subscriptions at a discounted rate and sell them to your customers. Read further at

We are also working on some core changes that will speed up ERPNext by about 10 times.It appears to be so fast in our development environment that we are feeling annoyed when using the current version. We hope to release it at the start of next month.

There is an interesting discussion going on in the forums about offering bounties for developing features. Some of our customers have started posting bounties on our github issues list

This is just so cool. They are prodding and pushing us to do better and have promised to chip in. We welcome any developer to try and get their hands on the bounties.

We also officially welcome three new team members Akhilesh, Priya and Pratik. See their profiles on the updated Company Page.

We would love to hear your feedback.

Anand Doshi.

On 20th September, 2013, we are hosting a workshop on Visualising Open Data. It will be conducted by Alex and Margo of For more info, see:

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the RSVP form linked in the page.



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  2. Paste your code at or and send only the URL via email
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