ERPNext POS customization with additional customer information

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We are planning to use the ERPNext for retail shop. We verified the existing feature of ERPNext and that suits well for our shop. Want to customize POS page with few additional fields to update customer Phone no, address, employee code in POS page itself and update the POS invoice format.

We updated the customer form with required fields at customer level and it works good. Want to update that custom field values in POS and make the sales.

Let me know how much time/cost will take to implement this feature. Can any developer provide help on this?

Also want to know, can we use this customization in ERPNext Self Hosted environments(5 User /5GB Plan) ? or customization is only possible in self hosted environments. Please calrify.


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acessing the customers,addresses,contact docs from the POS (like in the standard sales invoice screen) would be a generic improvement

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Yes this seems like a generic feature.

@rohit_w can you suggest a budget?

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Hi @becht_robert,

For this feature, thread is already open under github issue and soon will start work on this feature.


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Thank you Rohit

I agree. Without additional customer information the POS screen is quite useless in real world implementation.