ERPNext POS OFFLINE on which version?

Hi all,
I have seen many info about POS redesign and new futures and improvements… good stuff.

But most of all are for Online and since V12 that the OFFLINE has been dropped. Now my issue is that we use alot the offline as internet might be poor or for some reason the service is down but the customer will not notice as long as he keeps on the same page.

When will the OFFLINE become available and in what version so I can plan to upgrade my customers to newer version?

Hi V12 has offline POS

We recently updated our pos to work on V12. It’s already in production a few clients. Works fine as expected. Have a go at it.

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Thanks for the tip.
Will give a try and maybe use yours as we do need Offline to available in all ERPNext versions.

does it work for erpnext 14

No It only works on V12, From V13 offline POS has been deprecated in core.