ERPNext POS - Printing to thermal printer without print dialog from browser

I had tried --kiosk mode with google chrome to avoid clicking on the print dialog , but it takes some precious time before sending the data to the printer . Is it possible to print directly without the print like mentioned here , How to Print From a Web Page to a POS Printer | by Dmitry Sikorsky | Medium

I am using ERPNext version 12

I stumbled upon the RAW Printing documentation , It seems to solve my requirement but till now I don’t get any success . Has anyone able to print from the pos page directly to the thermal printers

Use Firefox with silent print enabled. Make sure the thermal printer is made default printer on the POS machine.

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Thanks @Muzzy , I tried this again I am having the popup dialog before every print . This slows down the sales time . I have seen some demos in qztray site which uses direct printing which was very quick. I think I may have to write my own js wrapper to achieve this