ERPNext Print Format Customization (Variable Column)

We have a specific scenario of printing variable column table inside quotation

The customer has a requirement of Bill of material to be included in the quotation

The particular table within quatation has 4 fields which are standard filter selection. There are an additional 10 fields per table row out of which in any new row entry 1-10 of the these fields can be updated with values by user.

Right now we have 2-3 different print formats with the following

  1. Standard 4 fields with 4 additional fields
  2. Standard 4 fields with 7 additional fields
  3. Standard 4 fields with 10 additional fields

This is quite inflexible way of printing variable column table rather we are looking at a script for user specifying the maximum possible variable columns beyond standard 4 and script taking care to print these additional columns

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How about this, Instead of adding 10 custom fields to the Quotation Items table, Add those items to another doctype with a child table, add 1 custom field to the Quotation Items table Linked to that doctype, And have it appear in the Row as key value pairs.
You will have to write a custom print format with Jinja for the table for it to work.

It should look something like this.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I believe a horizontal scroll bar need to be implemented in the quotation item in ERPNext for not making user use the down arrow key in the quotation Item table