Erpnext - Printing for PDF Issue

This is for printing without PDF.

It looks ok but when I click on print PDF as below shown the image kinda overlap/split in half between pages:

Any thoughts on resolving this?

set fix height and width of image

Oh like html code to resize the image to a certain size? Can show some example?

can you provide your print formate code


Your Image is in details_of_sop ?

Yeah I am actually displaying a table that includes sop brief summary and details of sop (text editor based).

then set height in td

Only for details of sop right? Is there any changes I should made to display the details of sop and brief summary instead of using table?

no this not work because the screen preview uses the browser’s view, but the PDF is made with wkhtmltopdf , which can handle HTML and CSS differently and your content is big so.

So what can I do make the image not overlap on next page?

your content is so big thats why it take 2 page, you have to trim your content or save image in different field and then show.

On the left there is so much unused space.

You could print the image on the left side after the text, or even before.

Or print it on the right side, but on top of the table cell, e.g. first.

@Peer and @jk_09 thanks for your suggestion as it works.