ERPNext Production image

Hello, This is going to be my first post in ERPNext community.
I am a big fan of ERPNext. I downloaded production image of ERPNext 9 based on ubuntu 14.04.
I imported it into vmware workstation, configured 60% , saved everything , and suddenly power brake down happen and vm goes off instant with the whole system.
next day I opened vm, accessed the erpnext and it is again asking me to set up the company , even I completed almost everything.
I did lot of configuration in erpnext 8 in vm and sometimes I even turn them off directly. this issue never came to me.
Please help me. I can’t imagine myself setting up all the data daily and watching them gone.

@surya10222 welcome to the community!

If you have saved, then unlikely your VM crashed. Maybe you are checking a fresh download.

Nothing has changed between v8 and v9 relating to this.

Thank you. But is the erpnext stable enough to run in vm for a small business firm. we are currently migrating from an invoicing program to ERPNext.

But why have ERPNext running in a VM?
Why not just setup an office machine with centos7Ubuntu server OS and run it from that. Less RAM, Faster IO etc etc.
Make Daily/Weekly back ups to USB drive attached to that machine.

If you are using only invoicing, why not use the hosted version from or someone else? Less worry about hosting and get on with your business and save time :slight_smile:

I agree with @Deepak_Pai
$25 per month on vs cost of 1x computer and a load of IT related time/stress.


I am configuring and installing ERP Next open source in my office laptop.

But currently i m not able to download Prodution image form ERP Next Website.

Please help me to solve this