ERPNext production installing on Ubuntu 20.04.1

Can somebody help please!

What is the user in use for the installation?

I have solved this issue! Thank you @ibrahim_malek for the support.

hello I have the same issue. can you please help.

It is always helpful to the community if you also share/show how you solved the problem :slight_smile:

I am not sure how I solved the issue(don’t remember the exact solution)! But creating a new user, may help on this.

I’ve seen some people say it’s hard to get ERPNext running on 20.04 because it uses python 3.8, so I dropped back to Ubuntu 18.04.

Edit: Thankfully I have been proven wrong, see the replies to my post.

NOT True.
I have done a number of installations on both Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10 using the following link with 100% success:

Indeed it takes under an hour to have it up and running. Try it!

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I have a sequence here for ubuntu 16,18 or 20 which works

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Refer this link for installation of erpnext in ubuntu 20
Please watch the video in youtube.