ERPnext Production setup

Can somebody please tell me , what and all required to setup ERPnext in production.

  1. Do we require Windows Server OS license? If so kindly inform me the version and no. of CALs required.
  2. Do we require installation at premise i.e Rack and Stack?
  3. If require additional configuration services, kindly let me know what we require.
  1. No, you dont need Windows server.
  2. You can either run locally on premise or also on cloud hosted instances.
  3. please define “configuration services”. It seems that you will need additional support.

Good day @chandrubiradar

Although I have only been working with ERPNext for the past year or so, I would like to add
my opinion…

The first question I would ask is

  1. Have you worked with ERPNext at all, until now?

If yes, then you already know how to run your installation. If no, then I would seriously
consider a cloud-based hosting option. In this case I am refering to self-hosting. I would find
a service provider that does hourly billing which will allow you to create, destroy and re-create
servers at will. And if you do snapshots at strategic points, then you won’t have to go through
the installation again and again. You can simply load the snapshot. This allows you to find out how ERPNext wroks without risking a production-server. Or you can go for a
provider that supplies the service to you. You then do not have as much freedom to
re-create your server, but it gets you going quick.

  1. You can also setup your own server(hardware), which ofcourse includes backup power supplies etc. a Bigger capital expense initially but then you don’t pay a monthly fee as I am
    paying for the VPS host where I am.

I agree with @moe01325… if you could please define “configuration services”. If you are
refering to the setting up of ERPNext, yes… there are many things to configure and
setup. As I said, compared to all the other people on this list, I am very young to
ERPNext, but one thing I did over the past few months is try various things on a
server that is not intende for production. And every settings that I found essential
to what I want to do with my production-server, I wrote down together with its
dependancies. And the list is getting long by now.

Do you require a Windows license? Good news … al you need is a Linux distro.

Hope this gets your own thoughts going.

Thanks @johnlongland @moe01325 for your valuable suggestion.
I appreciate your help