ERPNext Project - Kanban view is not Realtime

Tested both ERPNext V12 (Self-Hosted) and V13 (demo on cloud)

  • Open ERPNext Projects In two different browsers
  • Can test directly on demo version online
    eg. Frappe Cloud
  • Create Tasks
  • Move tasks
  • Observe

No realtime changes are refelected.

I had tested social , chat , etc.
they are all real-time so , i am definitely sure not setup issue.

I had tried on latest and still same problem .
Can anyone reply on this?

Did you read somewhere that Kanban is supposed to be Realtime? I can’t find that in the documentation.

I thought i saw in a video demo somewhere but , yeah i check again in documents and its not.
But i assume it should since ERPnext have Realtime components so why not?
In this day and age , collaboration platforms , especially Kanban boards needed realtimeness.
So I open an issue.