ERPNext Project Tasks and Activities

Please clarify the following: Each Project consists of a number Tasks. But then we also have Activities. Is it correct in saying that Tasks can be made up of a number of activities? Therefore an activity may have a parent which is a Task which again is flagged as a Group.

I am only aware of the term “Activity Type” in the context of “Timesheets”. Are you referring to those?

Yes that is correct. Are the activity types then only in relation to Timesheets? If that is the intention, why does ERPNext have Task and Activity? Is it possible that you could elaborate on this. As an example I apply this to farm activities. As I try to apply it the Task is something like Weed Control. But within Weed control as a Group, I have different types of activity, ex. Hand-pull weed, Spray weed with Knapsack, Spray weed with Tractor sprayer or Hand-slash weed. Then when I complete Timesheets, I specify the activity type that was performed. Please let me have your comments.

an “Activity Type” in the context of ERPNext can be seen as a category of work an employee of your company can be assigned to, dedicate themselves to.

It is used for the timesheet only and can be used i.e. to pin costs that are billed to a customer or just to categorize what kind of work an employee has been doing for certain timeslots recorded in a Timesheet.

I, for example, am responsible for financial administration as well as IT related issues in our company. Let’s say my salary was based on Timesheets I could use this to divide the parts of my workday in different kind of work (translated to “Activity Type” in the context of ERPNext Timesheets) I am doing and likewise allow the company to get more detail about what they pay me for then just “work”.

OK great. This has clarified my uncertainty. Thank you very much, I will apply the Activity types accordingly. All the best and thank you again.



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