Erpnext.projects.doctype.project.project.project_status_update_reminder Version-11 master

Please support me

Please copy and paste your traceback and post that - a screenshot is not ‘searchable’

This seems similar? Error erpnext.projects.doctype.project.project.project_status_update_reminder

I Don’t get what you point ?

The same traceback, no?

The idea is to identify shared issues, and dialogue to find answers to problems?

I have two project with task. i think the issue of task. i can’t close this task because task is running.

One day mor than 100 error

Hi All
I fixed above issue. there is no bug.

Please remove tick from “collect progress” option.


@jaichavan this report and fix to v12 seem related [Projects] "Daily Project Progress" email content issue · Issue #18351 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub