ERPNext Purchase order item wise GST addition to Item price

GST is applied per item on item price. It should be enough to mention HSN code while importing/creating new item.

However In Purchase order, item vise GST is only applied if item vise taxes are added. Also in print it always displays label saying IGST @ 9%

Do we have any way in ERPNEXT from where item vise GST is applied in Purchase order and sales order on item price/sales price respectively?

I have 5000+ items and I don’t want to upload sheet with item vise taxes in sheet. I have HSN codes however in upload sheet.

For now erpnext does not maintain HSN code wise tax rate, thats why you need to mention tax rate for each item.

ERPNext show tax description in print, so mention description as “IGST” without rate.

This links might help:

I feel In Indian context fixing Tax based on HSN code is easiest and also makes it easy to update rates when they change.
Also In case of any exception one will mention the same in the item itself

Do you have the source file which have the tax rate for all HSN Codes? It will be a great help.


This may help. Not an official government source though

Can you please create a github issue with the attached file? I will look into the file and try to incorporate it in ERPNext.

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No Need to hardcode it you can create a purchase policy type selection.

Did not understand, please elaborate

You can incorporate in Tax rules with HSN code Listing
say if any of the listed HSN code is present that it will be say 28% or 18% or whatever set


We need Item Wise taxed, but currently it coming HSN wise taxes in Tax Breakup.

Is there any setting to change back to Item wise tax in Tax Description.

The issue is multiple item has same HSN Code.

Hey @kolate_sambhaji - Any progress on this Tax breakup showing HSN code wise instead of Item wise? I’m also looking for a similar requirement.

@FinForce I need tax breakup Item Code wise.
Currently its in HSN Code wise.

For now, we are fixing it in print format only.

Yes, that’s what I could also figure it out and made the PO. Thank you for responding my friend.

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Sorry wrong URL in above reply.
We are fixing following print format.

But this is still in progress right? This can’t be achieved by customize print format?

This is in progress, as account head and some variable are hardcoded and differ client to client.
Although I am working on making simple custom print format to work for all user.

My code is working previously in generic way when tax breakup is shown Item wise, now its broken, so another alternative is to make tax breakup again item wise.

Any Progres in HSN wise tax rate