ERPNEXT - Push Changes from Development to Live Server/Production

How can I push my changes from the development to production?
Do I need to commit first my changes?
I was told that there is a copy/paste method to directly copy the changes from development and paste to live server.

If it’s a custom app and the app is on both servers, push the changes to GitHub. Afterward, pull from the production server and migrate the site.

Oh what if its not a custom app but like erpnext app installed so how?

You need to copy that code and paste it into the production server. We’re not recommending making changes directly to the core files. However, you can make changes if they cannot be overridden in the custom app.

Oh can show some examples?

For the override then check or learn the hooks concept.

Making changes and moving them around has many different ways of being done.

Be careful to have backups.
Of code and data (because they intermingle at certain points/with certain settings).

Also know very well what the “–reset” option does when used with bench or git, it’s one way to quickly lose work done if it’s not understood well enough where that work was done and how things move around with all these commands, automatisms, hooks, dev/prod modes, images and their data volumes, and whatnot.

You might also want to use your own repos instead of github/docker for confidentiality, or for caching due to redundancy, speed and assuring business continuity reasons.