ERPNext QuickBooks Connector Updates

QuickBooks setup video ERPNext Quickbooks Connector

  1. Quickbooks Setting(Configuration) page.
    • Quickbooks Configuration Page helps to specify some of the settings like default shipping account , default warehouses, default selling price list and buying list and Tax mapper between tax heads of QuickBook and ERPNext.
  • Tax Mapper
    * QB doesn’t help with tax head wise break as in master entries (Tax ID) through API calls but just exchanges tax code and tax rate. So, mapping it exactly with Tax ID in ERPNext was a challenge. So, Tax Mapper.

    • Tax Mapper helps to map the Tax ID in ERPNext with Tax Rate from QuickBooks. It does look up through this table to do the actual entry back in ERPNext which should match QB entry and ledger.
    • There is fall back tax if nothing matches gets accounted into Undefined Tax head.
  1. Item wise Taxes.
  • QuickBook has certain features which help user operate at item level and tax is one of, where user has a provision to apply taxes at item or service level.
  • ERPNext too has this support but not visual. So, this helps to translate item wise tax break from QuickBook to ERPNext.
  • Sync up SI & PI from QuickBook now shows a Tax breakup at indivual item level.
  1. Record level syncing
  • Accounts : Quickbooks Accounts now syncs into ERPNext with proper account Type example Bank, Receivable, payable

  • Inventory/Items : QuickBook Items sync to item master handles both stock item or non-stock (service) item.

  • Customer : QuickBook Customer sync with customer master captures details like customer currency, default customer debit account.

  • Suppliers/Vendors : QuickBook Supplier get sync with supplier master with details as supplier currency, default supplie credit account.

  • Sales Invoice/Invoice : Quickbooks Invoice sync with sales invoice along with details as customer debit account and proper Individual item Taxes.

  • Purchase Invoice/Bill : Quickbooks Purchase Invoice with purchase invoice along with details as supplier credit account and proper Individual item Taxes.

  • Expense Entry : Expense Entry will get synced into Journal Entry.

  • Credit note : Credit Note sync into Journal Entry.

  • Supplier Credit/Debit Note : Supplier Credit sync into Journal Entry.

  • Payment Entries : Syncing Payment Entry For multiple Currency with Foreign Currency Exchange Gain or Loss in case of partial or full Payment for both SI and PI.

  • Syncing Journal Entries.

  1. At a state syncing now helps to match up ERPNext stock balances and account balances with QuickBooks with certain tolerance at cases. for example there is somewhat difference in Credit Note/Debit Note and it’s adjustment process in both application.

Thanks & Regards
Arpit Jain
New Indictrans Technologies


Awesome! Thanks for your contributions.



Is there a GitHub link of the repo that you can share?

Hello @Pawan,

ERPNext QuickBooks GitHub repo Link


Wow, this is great. With all the discussion about an integration with QBO recently, it is really nice to see this having been in development for awhile now. Thanks for the work!

Yes I may well be using this at some point. Great work :grinning:

Thanks. Will have to test it out

@arpitjain06: This is a great contribution to the community. I also watched YouTube video explaining how to go about this.

I was checking as part of ERPnext integration tab, but couldn’t find QB Connector - is there a specific reason why it’s not being made available there? @rmehta @umair

i am not able to find quickbook connector as well. please advise how we can get it

@gupteshwar @kanhaiya - For your input.

@RPPL001: Quickbooks integration is developed by team at Indictran and we tried testing it, but because of other commitments couldn’t complete it fully and make an opinion on it.

I’m very much interested in exploring it, but keeping it on hold now as its not current priority for us. May be you could take the lead and start checking and see it works.


Thanks @FinForce for your kind message.

We can definitely help @RPPL001 for Quickbooks integration stuff. Recently we started upgrading it to latest stable version of ERPNext. If you are interested in getting any help then please post me message or reply here. Even you can contact me on skype:kanhaiya.kale

Awaiting your feedback.

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Thanks, Kanhaiya. I will contact you via skype

@kanhaiya have you updated the connector because quickbook has changed api settings :frowning:

No, we haven’t updated anything yet. Let users use and modify it as per their need.

@arpitjain06, Greetings. The video link for ERPNext Quickbooks Connector reffered above is missing . Please advoce where we can get it.

Thank you.

Good day. I know this post is a bit late but I’m also looking for the connector for ErpNext and QUickbooks and if someone has the link or has the file I’ll really appreciate if you can share it with me here. Thanks vey much. We are planning to move from Quickbooks to ERPNext and the connector is the next thing to completion.