ERPNext Quota App

Welcome. I assume you were using the wrong file name. Please read the documentation whenever it is available. You can see it in the github link I have provided.

Good job, Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi The website users are counted as users. Please see how this can be removed from the number of users permitted.
Deeply appreciate.

Ok I will look into it.

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I have added the option to either count website users or not. Please update and check. Read the documentation. I have added a new variable


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Thank you so much @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi .Do i update the whole instance of bench/erpnext or how do i update the quota alone.A little direction please.

You are very welcome. Update whole so you do not miss anything using bench update

@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi Deeply appreciate.Thanks

Thank you Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi
@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi Much appreciated!

I was about to start coding this app then I was directed to your app.

You are very welcome

Hey after installing this app whenever I am trying to update the profile or add new domains I am getting following error.

Server Error

KeyError: ‘users’

I have checked and without this app everthing is fine but after this app the error is coming

see the quota.json please. And change user to users.

thanks this worked!

Well done Mohammed
I wonder how to unlimited parameters, incase no restriction is needed?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume you just want to monitor usage. Is that correct ?

Yes, for some parameters i dont want to define a limited value.
For example database and files i could assign * as unlimited, or just # remark the parameter line to be neglected.

Much appreciated

I advocate that Limited Quota should be apply to Desk Users . Thanks Again

Be default it applies to desk users only.
If you want to count website users as well set the flag set_website_users to 1

How about we define it as “Unlimited”
So that it is also reflected in the Usage Info. Rather than just commenting out ?


There are 3 more issue i have experienced so far in my environment (Frappe v13 ERPN 13) which indicate incompatibility with V13

1- Subscription Expired message “your site is suspended, pls …” is not showing, just things freeze at verifying.

2- Usage info shows no information just prompt message “not permitted”

3- BTW during installation “bench get-app --branch master erpnext_quota …” didn’t work i had to use --branch version-13

Thank you

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