ERPNext Quota App

Erpnext Quota
App to manage ERPNext User, Company and Space limitations. Details on usage are given in the repo. Please report if you find any issues.


@Fred1 I believe you have been looking for this?

@flexy2ky @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi Thanks.I will test it out

Good job

Is it possible to add some other criteria?, most especially number of companies?


@Fred1 I already did and it works as intended.

I too tried it and i set the user limit to 1 but I was still able to login 2 users. Any thing I might be missing?

Yes its possible. I’ll do that in the next update. Is there any other suggestion.

It’s not hooked with login. If you try to add/enable any new users then it won’t allow. Also it will prevent to submit any document if active users > allowed user for exampme if user down scales the subscription package. . Guest user is not counted as a user.


Nice app. Thanks for the effort.

This kind of function should be part of the core. I still don’t understand why it was taken out from v12.

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Thank you for the contribution.

A generic suggestion would be to be able to limit the number of records for a given doctype. So, we can write any doctype and the maximum number of allowed records in the quota js file. If the doctype is not mentioned then we may have no limit.

Sure its a good suggestion, I will keep it in mind.

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Dear all,I have successfully installed the app.I used nano to try to get to the quota.json file but couldn’t.Please what command from the terminal to use to get to the file for editing .Deeply appreciate

Please look for the file in the site folder.

@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi sorry please how Because I am on vps and not on desktop.The command from bench please

  1. ssh into the vps
  2. goto frappe-bench folder
  3. goto sites folder
  4. goto the sitename folder for which you want to change the settings
  5. edit the json file

Yes.I used sudo nano sitename/site_quota.json
from site folder but get nothing in the folder to edit.What do I use?

do “ls -la” command in the directory and share your screen shot

@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi Thanks.I figured it out after ls -la command .Deeply appreciate