Set User Limit for Self Hosted Application

We have multiple business with different stake holders… hence want to limit the users they create…
Can we achieve it?

@rmehta @saurabh6790 Please Suggest…

Check this Setting Limits for your Site


Thank you @rmehta

@rmehta, i must tell you we are evaluating ERPNext since 2 weeks now and i am really impressed with your ERP.


Latest URL - Setting Limits for your Site

Does not work

:~/frappe-bench$ bench --site set-limit users 5
Usage: bench frappe [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…
Try “bench frappe --help” for help.

Error: No such command “set-limit”.

erpnext 12.3.1
frappe 12.1.0

Limits has been deprecated in v12. This should be implemented via a custom app and hooks.

Too bad. This is actually a good feature for multi tenants.
Are all limits deprecated?
Can we get the code for the custom app from v11?

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If we type this code in site_config.json

“db_name”: “xxxxxxxxxx”,
“db_password”: “xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“limits”: {
“emails”: 1500,
“space”: 0.157,
“expiry”: “2016-07-25”,
“users”: 1

It will work?

I believe it doesn’t because the file has been removed.
Too bad…:frowning:

you are right, it does not work. i tried adding the script. The site stops responding.

Too bad.:weary::weary::weary::weary:

Can we put sort of petition to the Foundation to bring it back?

Now, if I want to make a Trial signup (like the 14 days Trial in how do I do it without the set-limit?
I like to use the limits for a new installed client in the hand-over period, so they can try it with limitation and after certain time duration the system can be reset to start with real data.
Thank you

Dear Team,
We are part of the community even though we are not high tech.We desire that our interest should still be protected.Usage limit is highly useful for us.Depreciating it has seriously affected us.Allowing this useful feature does not affect the frappe team in any way except if the intention is to force the non core tech community members to sign up for hosted version (this should not be and I should believe the Frappe Team is nobler than this ).I therefore on behalf of non-high-tech community members request that this noble feature be restored.Long live frappe team,long live Erpnext,long live @rmehta,long live community members


Still waiting for a response… What were the benefits to the ERPNext community for removing this feature? Was there a request from the community to remove it?
I’m kindly asking to understand because when I wanted to implement the limits in v13, I noticed the feature had been removed. @rmehta @revant_one
How can it be re-implemented using hooks and custom app?

Custom app

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Thank you for the link. I traced it back to the PR:
But I’m still just wondering what the rationale behind the decision was. Its a question coming from a good place.

Like it is mentioned in the PR, it was a very specific implementation for, ideally should not have been there in the first place. Also it had many loose ends that were dependent the platform.