ERPNext - Quotation that is Set as Lost but will reverted to Expired after 24hrs

Is it caused by setting from automatic status for the Quotation (Opportunity List)?
Any answers is viable.

If a quotation is lost, the opportunity will automatically be lost as well.

So it is a bug?
How can I resolve this issue where the Quotation Set as Lost won’t reverted to Expired after 24hrs?

Quotations that are set as “Lost” are typically not designed to automatically revert to “Expired” after 24 hours. This behavior is not standard, and usually, once a quotation is marked as “Lost,” it remains in that status until manually changed.

However, if you need this functionality, you can achieve it through scheduled tasks (Background Jobs).

Thanks for that info but my issue is that the Quotation that is set as lost suddenly changed back to Expired after 24hrs and I want to prevent that from happening. :slight_smile: