ERPNext Quote Integration

Hi All,

  1. I am working on a integration between Salesforce to ERPNext which involves Quotes and other objects.
  2. I am in between at a point where Quotes are getting created in ERPNext from Salesforce.
  3. However, I am needing a clear idea about which fields I exactly need to send to ERPNext and for what purpose.
  4. I see the records are uniquely identified based on name of the record however, I am unsure if I need to have the names of Customers, Item Codes etc. associated to ERPNext Quote already in Salesforce CRM.
  5. Also do I need to create/associate the CGST, SGST, IGST records in order to apply taxes on the Quote.
  6. From UI its pretty easy to add a quote but when I saw JSON structure of the records, there are too many fields to confuse.
  7. Any directions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @shubham,

The answer to your questions depends mostly of what you want to do with your data.

You don’t have to fill in every field of the quotation form in ERPNext, only the mandatory ones (customers, item codes will be needed in any case), but some of the other fields might be interesting for your business.

I would recommend using Myddleware for this kind of integration. It’s fully open-source and you will not need to do any development for such an integration.

Regarding the tax calculation, I am not familiar with the Indian GST system, but maybe you can use ERPNext hooks or simple custom scripts (depending on your submission workflow) to do any additional calculation if needed.

Have a nice day.


Thanks for your advice @chdecultot, but as I said I am in middle of my integration. Most of the things are sorted only thing that is an issue for me right now is:

  1. Tax on ERPnext is applied on the complete Quote using Tax type of Accounts i.e Account heads.
  2. At my Salesforce end, the taxes are provided at quote line items level.

Do you have suggestions/ideas for me such that I can add these taxes to the line item level instead of Quote.

Appreciate your time.

Hard to say without checking how it is done in Salesforce exactly (I’m not familiar with SF at all), but I can imagine that you can define it in ERPNext’s item master data and let ERPNext make the calculation automatically in the quotation.

You can check the documentation for more information about how ERPNext applies different tax rate for each item:

Good luck!

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