ERPNext Roadmap 2015

Please have a look at the broad roadmap that we have in mind. Please share your views and comments.


Very well considered roadmap. We look forward to the future and also contributing where we can.

Thank you for this global road-map. I believe that community participation will increase with the expected open governance, from the ongoing foundation. OCA - Odoo Community Association - can a good inspiration in my opinion.

More domains, aka verbalization, seems a great domain to explore. I hope community will invest it and more pre-configurations will be available for all. As, OCA, which own general projects and vertical ones.

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Nice roadmap rmehta.

I particularly like the item 6

6. Country based localizations
…There needs to be more opportunities for community members to help localize ERPNext with default chart of accounts, tax accounts, reports etc that are needed for different regions. Again its upto the core team to build the tools to enable these contributions…

Have one final question… it´s any ETA for app store?

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No ETA yet. but its on the important list. The documentation tool is a part of that.

More shared apps will increase the pressure on us to make an app store :smile: