ERPNext Roadmap for the Next Quarter (May - Jul)


From last month, we initiated the process for defining and publishing the roadmap each month. While we are trying to bring in this cadence, we are also learning on the way. The quick learning compared to last month was the difference between Feature List vs Roadmap Items.

Feature list is something your product team works on a monthly basis. It’s pretty much like sprint tasks for a given month. That’s what we much published last month. Roadmap is comparatively for longer term. However, we will soon update the status on last month’s roadmap as well.

Roadmap Items are broader in scope, high impact features, which are generally delivered over longer time period like half-year or a year.

While feature request items can be effectively handled internally, henceforth we will try and publish only the roadmap items on post like these. Here is the quick list of features we forsee working in the next quarter (again, starting small). As always, looking forward to communities feedback and suggestions to make it holistic and robust.

  1. Shopping Cart Integration via App

  • Status: Under development
  • Description: Refactoring to existing shopping cart integration. Making a common app for shopping cart which will enable building connector for another webshop lot more efficient.
  1. Marketplace Integration App

  • Status: Research and Designing
  • Description: Making a connector for marketplace sellers (like Amazon, Flipkart) who use an aggregation app, to pull all their orders in a single place. ERPNext shall communicate with that app, and create orders / invoices in ERPNext.
  1. Overtime Salary Calculation

  • Status: Development
  • Description: As name suggests, it will allow tracking of ovetime hours, calculate value based on overtime type (1.25, 1.5 etc.) and calculate monthly overtime payable.
  1. Digital Signature

  • Status: Research
  • Description: A service to allow internal and external users to sign a PDF document generated from ERPNext.
  1. Oman VAT and other regional localization

  • Status: Research
  • Description: The configuration of CoA and taxes based on the regional VAT requirements as per Oman tax regulations. Will be happy to have community feedback on the same here.
  1. Health Insurance Module

  • Stage: Development
  • Description: The complete module for tracking patiences insurance policy, shifting receivable from patient to insurance company and then getting paid by insurance company.
  1. India GST Updation

  • Stage: Research
  • Description: Integrating ERPNext with GSP service provider for more efficient filling of GST reports
  1. Customer Onboarding Enhancement

  • Stage: Research
  • Description: Enhancing Onboarding cards in each module to make it super easy and intuitive to get started with ERPNext.
  1. HR improvements

  • Stage: Development
  • Description: Polished tree view of Organisation Chart and Grievance Management workflow.

If you have new feature request to suggest, please create a new Github Issue for it. Looking forward to your feedback and support as always.


It’s nice to know and we can contribute in testing rigioursuly by working with clients.

I want to know the policy about making newly released features workable. I identified that some features do not work at all due to some issues which should be taken care of before release. It means no community member nor client can put them to use .

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Mpesa C2B Integration: Mpesa C2B Integration · Issue #25628 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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Adding more support for other currency exchange rates (+ potentially other APIs than would be amazing:
(Many currencies from developing countries & cryptocurrencies are currently not supported)

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Hello Umair,

I am asking for the status of this roadmap especially the OVERTIME part, since that I keep following up and waiting for this development for three months.

Appreciate your feedback .

Thank you ,
Best Regards .

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Will you be publishing a roadmap for the following quarter, August to October?

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Agree. Would be nice to know “where the ship is heading”.

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