ERPNext running on the server but not able to access it via Server IP address(AWS)

I tried with the following version of ubuntu 16,18 and 20. In all these versions the application is started by the bench start command it shows “Running on”, but when I try to access the application using the server IP address I can’t able to access the site. I have created a site using the command " bench new-site". And I have given access to the Firewall(Port 80,443,8000). I don’t know what I have missed. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

i have install it production and open the ports and it’s working ,i thing your installation it different since production has nginx config

Hi Murali,

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You say you have given port 80, 443 and 8000 access on the AWS Security tab. Apologies to insult your intelligence :), but are you sure you added that in the inbound rules? Plus use the AWS Console and put the server for a Restart. After restarting please be sure you ssh back in and do a bench start and then try to access the server again.

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Hi JayRam,

Thanks for your reply. I have already added the ports(80,443,8000) in the security group(inbound rules).

Hi ahmadRagheb,

Thanks for the reply. Could you please share the ERPNext installation document for the Ubuntu server(AWS)?. so that I can try with your ERPNext installation steps and it will help me to rectify my doubts. Thanks in advance.

i will share the steps , i take it from bench repo easy install section :

* ##### Ubuntu and Debian-based Distributions:
sudo apt install python3-minimal build-essential python3-setuptools
sudo adduser frappe
usermod -aG sudo frappe
Switch to  `frappe`  (using  `sudo su frappe` ) and start the setup
cd ../frappe 
sudo python3 --production --user frappe

In case the setup fails, the log file is saved under


this for clean fresh Ubuntu server in aws

sometimes the setup fail , idk why , but i create new instance and try again
don’t forget to open 80 port in your security policy for the instance you are working with

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Hi ahmadRagheb,

Thanks for helping me out. The installation was successful.

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