Erpnext running

i am trying to install erp next using droplet cloud service and went through the process and get successful completion of steps by running the script and got the passwords.txt file in which there is mysql and admin root passwords , now the problem is how i get the actual installation of erpnext on local host on my browser …i struck as i am on server not on my pc so how to run localhost:8000 so that i get erpnext install on my localhost or is there any way to it on server or some linkage between server and my pc which can bring this …please help

im confused… you have trouble with installation or your connection?..but if you want to connect to you server with your pc please dont use localhost but the server ip address instead…

i mean to say that how to run localhost:8000 in browser if i am on server (ubuntu 14)

if you install ERPNEXT on a cloud server then you don’t access it via localhost, you find the IP address of your cloud service and access it via the IP address. Or point your domain/subdomain to that IP and access it via that.

how to access via ip address of cloud ?

Ask cloud provider, should be in the settings.

I have got that but now i after getting frappe bench in server couldnt able
to run command bench start as it says run command under non root user wht
to do