ERPNext School for Universities

I am trying to understand the Schools module in the context of a university. So far I have done this mapping:

  1. Faculty → HR Department (Eg: Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
  2. Option → ??? (Eg: Information Technology)
  3. Class → Program (Eg IT-1, IT-2, IT-3, IT-4)

I have one missing piece on 2: An option is like a collection of programs. For example, to earn a degree in IT, you need to complete programs IT-1, IT-2, IT-3, IT-4

Also, I don’t understand what a student batch is in this context. The university has day and evening programs of the same option, in 2 different campuses. Could this be what Student Batch is for? For example, a batch could be: Program IT-1, Year 17-18, Evening, Campus A?

Maybe option can imply department right ?
And yeah for a university batch could be used like that.

This would then imply having a hierarchy of departments. Option is a child department of a faculty

This video made it clear ERPNext Schools - Students Management - YouTube Thanks @frappe