Erpnext School Problem :- How To Make Assessment Plan Like This?

How to make one assessment Plan for One Class In Erpnext School .Anyone Help. #erpnext

Hi @mohit111 ,
In this case, you have to create the three assessment plan for every subject ie test-1, test-2, exam. If all the students have the same course choice, you can create the assessment plan against the student-batch type group and no need to create the course-wise groups.
Note: Please make sure you create the Assessment Group carefully.

@ManasSolanki What if some students have opted for elective course but still part of same course group( i.e Mechanical Engineering Sem-4). How could we make Assessment Plan for this?

@jparikh There can be two types of courses - mandatory and electives. Now the assessment plan is created for the student group. If the course is mandatory it can be made against course-type student group or batch-type student group( since it is a mandatory course for all students of the batch). But if the course is elective then the assessment plan should be created against the course-type student group.

@ManasSolanki Can the assessment be made cumulative.i.e year1 asssessment added to year 2 assessement to get the overall assessment on and on until final year and final assessement which cumulative of all the assessment

@ManasSolanki assessment plan it takes group wise class group wise without group how to make assessment plan like three month calculate direct and how to show discount in fees