[ERPNext Schools] Share your experience!

Hello everyone,

Nearly a year ago we launched ERPNext for schools. We would love to have your feedback on how its working out for you? What are the best parts of the module? What should be improved.



Hi @rmehta,
ERPNext is great for schools but it lacks some basic features like the possibility to make Fee discount for children of employees and siblings with percentage, the current way using student category isn’t very practical.
Here are the github issues of what we would like to be imporved or added:
1- Fee discount for children of employees and siblings with percentage: Fee discount for children of employees and siblings · Issue #11497 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
2- Make a possibility to print weekly schedule for student groups based on batch: [Education] module, make a possibilty to print schedule for student groups based on batch · Issue #12993 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
3- A tool that helps you create school schedule without you having to create the whole schedule, there is an opensource software for schools called “Rosariosis” that implements such a tool: use pyschedule to schedule classes for schools · Issue #72 · frappe/education · GitHub
Rosariosis website: https://www.rosariosis.org/
Thank you for your great work!

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  1. Instructor as employee
    In other ERP, there is also a concept of party and person. A party is something doing business with the company can be supplier, customer, manufacturer. A person is someone doing business with the company like employee, instructor, student, party’s contact person.
  2. Creating student data from import is still a pain, especially for hundreds of students, with siblings also in the same school.

I just started the gap analysis, maybe I will update later.

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@Ilyes @kafb thanks for the feedback. We were hoping you liked something too :wink:

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Hi, schools module is very well built in ERPNEXT.

Even though there is a Library management frappe app, why it is not included in core module and when we can expect Learning management system, it would be a good add-on.

Adding following features will be more beneficial

  1. Calendar for the list of holidays to the students/parents.
  2. A doctype or module to generate certifications to students, like inter-school games, CCA activities and any internal competitions.
  3. Assessment dashboard for the student based on all the assessments.
  4. EMAIL/SMS based notifications to parents on holidays or any data related to the student.
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Student Score Cards that cummulate all the subjects/courses at the end of the term or semester and at the end of a session for each student is highly needed in the module

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