ERPNext Serialization Question

We manufacture a tech product. Our manufacturing process is as follows:
We decide on a certain quantity of each model to build, items are put together using components (non-serialized), when the item is built, it is sent to the next station where it is tested and software is installed, once it passes, it is sent to a packaging station to be packaged and put into inventory.

We would like to implement ERPNext to do the following:
-We would like a serial number to be assigned to each product during the build process which will allow the item to be tracked through the manufacturing process and after. We would like the ability to print the serial number as a barcode/QR. How can we assign a serial number before the item has become a “finish product”?
-We have multiple workstations where a product can be built, as well as multiple test stations. From my research, I cannot figure out how to make routing accomplish this.

I have read through countless other threads and watched any videos I can find, but really can’t grasp how this could be done with ERPNext. Thanks for any help anyone can provide