ERPNext set default filter condition

I have made a custom report in erpnext. In that, I can filter data by clicking add filter button. But I want to add that as a default filter. How can I fix it?

For more clarification here is the screenshot which I am expecting as default

Thanks in advance

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If it’s a Script report, you can refer to the below code to add a default value to the filter.


How can this be done in a query report?
(Script report are not available as I am hosting on Frappe Cloud.)

Any suggestions for users who are not self-hosting? Ideally, this should be possible from the UI without the need to add a custom .js-script.
There is also an issue on this: Default values for filters in query report · Issue #25931 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

same issue here, any suggestions and idea about adding default value to filters in query report?