Erpnext setup using EKS

Cluster UI:
Load Balancer UI:
admin / changethis

Can u please check.

I already created new job , as per followed the document. but having same issue.Please help.

I try to deploy ,

After Sucessfully installed erpnext app. container get exited and getting 404 page not found.

If u have any chat facility please share with us. we are stuck.

you used single quote (') instead of back quote (`)

in the SITES variable name

Thanks Revant , It Working

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: execution error at (erpnext/templates/pvc.yaml:17:23): A valid persistence.worker.storageClass entry required!

I am using minkube

Post title has EKS. Which generally means Amazon EKS, AWS EKS. It is not for minikube. Are you not allowed to create a new topic?

Read helm/ at main · frappe/helm · GitHub carefully. README assumes you already understand Kubernetes.