Erpnext setup using EKS

Can anybody provide any documentation

Can anybody explain EKS?

Elastic Kubernate cluster
We want to deploy using Kubernate Furgate cluster with multi bench.
Can anybody help on this?


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Hi Revant,

We are following the same link to deploying it. But we are facing the issue in the following line
helm install -n frappe/erpnext -f erpnext-values.yaml

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: execution error at (erpnext/templates/pvc_logs.yaml:17:23): A valid .Values.persistence.logs.storageClass entry required!

enabled: true

existingClaim: “”

size: 8Gi
storageClass: “efs-sc”

Follwed the steps to create efs-sc EFS CSI Driver installed, mount points set and pv.yaml created. Refer Guide

can you share your values.yaml? or you just copied it from gist?

the values file in gist very old.
also there may be changes to Amazon documentation.

i filled the contact many times no replay !!!


replace the erpnext-values.yaml file with latest one.

make sure you enable persistence for at least sites vol.

Where should i get erpnext-values.yaml latest? Please help on this.

Thanks for your Quick Reply.

Actually we trying to deploy the ERPNEXT frappe into AWS EKS Fargate. Can u share us a Steps Link?

We already followed the below link but still no success.

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: execution error at (erpnext/templates/pvc_logs.yaml:17:23): A valid .Values.persistence.logs.storageClass entry required!
Using this one we are getting the below error.

We are looking forward ur reply

You need to understand how helm works and how to read the output of the error after executing helm command.

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: execution error at (erpnext/templates/pvc_logs.yaml:17:23): A valid .Values.persistence.logs.storageClass entry required!

.Values.persistence.logs.storageClass is located in values.yaml.
It is available in the new yaml here:

It is not available in the old yaml here: AWS EKS Fargate ERPNext · GitHub

It means you need to set the storageClass in the new values.yaml file. I guess as per the AWS EFS CSI docs it is efs-sc

Right … i will try…

Do u have any step by step link (Latest One for Aws Eks )

Except for one fargate setup, whomever I’ve setup EKS on AWS have scaled it down, moved it to some affordable provider after a month of billing.

It is all advance stuff where you need to have knowledge of AWS as well as Kubernetes. Unless I put time and effort to go through these steps again I won’t be refining them.

I refer docs for both AWS and K8s, they are comprehensive enough to setup anything.

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Thanks…Can u please suggest us Some Provider?

R u reffering below link, Installing ERPNext on MicroK8s/Kubernetes | About Lovia

commercial? I’m part of


for docs I refer to official AWS docs, official kubernetes docs and

Hi Revant,

I need one more help.

I tried to install erpnext over Docker Swarm . I followed below step. but after inalled everything i am get 404 page not found. Can u help me in this issue?

Cluster UI:
Credential: as default

can’t access portainer

have you created first site? you need to create first site and install ERPNext on to that site.