Erpnext setup wizard "There were errors"

Hi All ,
Can someone help me out with this problem
at first user setup i get this error

and then again when i try to complete the setup i get this error

First do bench restore then try.
Restore any previous database backup .

Hello @jsukrut ,
Appreciate your response but the bench restore what you suggested is not working is there any other alternative solution to it?!

Try this…

Log into server, created one more site and install erpnext on newly created site.

Make newly created site as default site and then try setup wizard.

Hello @Basawaraj_Savalagi ,
Thank you for your response actually the problem just got solved.
I reinstalled the site and unchecked few boxes while setup wizard and it got completed.
Anyways thanks alot for your response.

Take database backup .Its will helpful resolve this problem.

Hi @jsukrut ,
Actually I tried to reinstall the site and while setup just unchecked few boxes and the setup got completed.
Anyways appreciate your response Thank you mate.

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